Fall Pork Special

We are taking order for our Berkshire pork which will be available later this Fall. Our pork is raised antibiotic free with access to our pasture, so they are free to enjoy the sun. Pork can be ordered by the whole or half pig. The price for our Fall special is $1.75/lb (half pig) or $1.60/lb (whole pig), which we can deliver within 75 km of Grand Bend (ask about delivery if you live farther).

Don’t have a large freezer, our pork is also available by the cut at the farm, so you can stock up on what you like best.

And the pigs are out

This past weekend we let a few of our pigs outside to enjoy the nice, warm weather. The bonus is that they are also great at moving earth. We put them in our garden, which we plowed in the spring, in order to dig up some of the roots that had started to grow and some of the worms and grubs. They’re also able to find a few of the leftover potatoes, carrots, beets and other veggies that were in the garden. Our old horse trailer provides a bit of shelter if it gets windy or rains.

One of our young Berkshire boars.

Our Berkshire pigs eating some grain.